BCI in Pickerington, Ohio

BCI in Pickerington, Ohio

This article will show you how to get your BCI to check in Pickerington, Ohio, in less than five minutes!

If you live in Pickerington, Ohio, or are close to there and need to book a background check, this article will make your life easier by explaining to you the easiest, fastest, no-hustle to book it with just your mobile!

BCI check in Pickerington, Ohio

Pickerington, Ohio, is an excellent place for families, with excellent schools and safe neighbourhoods, apart from being surrounded by the natural beauty of rural Ohio. That’s why an increasing number of parents are choosing the “Violet Capital of Ohio” as a place to live. But getting a BCI in Pickerington, Ohio, might be troublesome when most fingerprinting places require presential or phone booking. I mean, it seems like it’s their mission to make you wait for hours before it’s your turn to schedule your appointment, only to find out that they don’t have the date you need.

But 1ST CHOICE FINGERPRINTING is making things easier for people looking to get a background check in Pickerington, Ohio, by allowing you to book your BCI 100% online, free of lines, free of waiting. Do you want to know how? Click the link below to go to the 1ST CHOICE FINGERPRINTING website and book it now, or keep on reading this article to find out more.

Have These Documents in your Hands When You Book Your BCI Check Online in Pickerington, Ohio

Here’s a list of all the required information for you to book your background check online at 1ST CHOICE FINGERPRINTING, in Pickerington, Ohio, online, in less than five minutes.

  • Type of Photo ID and ID
  • Your full name
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address
  • Phone number and email address

If you also need FBI verification, you’re going to need to provide, apart from what was mentioned above, the following details:

  • The reason why you need the BCI
  • The address you want the results to be mailed to
  • Your gender, race, height, weight, the colour of your hair, and eyes.

So make sure you have all those details before booking.

And that’s it! In less than five minutes, you will have a date and time to go there and get your BCI Checks In Pickerington, Ohio.

WARNING: All your personal information is 100% safe, and 1st Choice Fingerprinting will only use it to run your BCI for you, nothing more.

Getting Your BCI in Pickerington, Ohio

When the day comes for you to have your background checked, make sure you take all the information requested above and be there on time, as not to miss your appointment.


Getting your BCI in Pickerington, Ohio, has never been so easy, right?

Now that you know just what to do, click on the link below and choose the best day and time for you to get your BCI Checks in Pickerington, Ohio, and we will see you there!

Need to book a BCI check in Pickerington, Ohio? Contact Us to book it now!


1st Choice Fingerprinting offers a quick, easy and secure way to perform Ohio BCI background checks and National WebCheck using electronic fingerprinting.

Save time and money and get your records in 24-48 hours. It all starts by booking your appointment with us online for Ohio BCI background check and National WebCheck services.

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