How to Choose the Best Fingerprinting Service?

How to Choose the Best Fingerprinting Service?

Do you want to be employed in a company or have a list of employees who need to be checked for their criminal background? We will help you choose the best fingerprinting service near you. Here we provide a list of attributes for a good fingerprinting and background check service provider.

  • Mobile Fingerprinting – A good fingerprinting service provider must have a doorstep appointment and fingerprint collection mechanism in place. It is especially beneficial in epidemics such as the COVID-19 and for employers who do not have the time to visit the service provider and get a comprehensive background check done for their employees. Mobile Fingerprinting helps reduce physical contact and is a growing trend in the present times.
  • Authorization – Your fingerprint service provider must be authorized by the state’s Attorney General and must get their checks from National WebCheck. The fingerprints must be admissible at the regulatory authorities responsible for comprehensive background checks. A digital fingerprint is sent to the FBI and State’s Local Authority for comprehensive scanning through criminal histories, arrests, federal employment, or military service.
  • Multiple Payment Options – A good service provider must give his clients a preferred mode of payment. These days many fingerprinting service providers in the USA offer flexible payment options. Moreover, look for a service that’s most cost-effective and reliable.
  • Digital Fingerprinting – Along with mobile fingerprinting another common attribute for a good service provider is Digital Fingerprinting service; which provides a fast, convenient and accurate Live scan fingerprint. Live scan fingerprinting is a process where an ink-free digital scan is used to capture good quality fingerprints in no time. It’s a lot better than the age-old ink rolling method that’s messy and unsanitary.
  • Group Background and Fingerprinting Checks – Most high-end fingerprint service providers offer group packages for fingerprinting and background checks, both for the employees and employers. This reflects long-term thinking and their ability to handle a large number of clienteles at the same time.
  • Accuracy – This is the most important aspect of any fingerprinting service provider, i.e. The fingerprints must be captured accurately for analysis by the FBI or the Local State Authority. Any inaccuracy can lead to unnecessary time wastage and the authorities asking for another fingerprint. This can take from days to several months in processing.
  • Minimum Documentation – The documentation required for fingerprinting and background check should be limited to identity proof with your date of birth and photograph. They also ask for the name and address of your employer, to whom the final report will be sent. This information along with the reason for fingerprinting is enough for a comprehensive report. Leave the FBI and State authority reason code identification to your service provider, he ought to figure it out.

The above-mentioned attributes make up for a good fingerprinting service provider. If you are ever looking for a good fingerprinting and background check service provider in getting background checks from BCI Pickerington, Ohio you must visit 1st Choice Fingerprinting located at 6480 E Main St Reynoldsburg, Ohio, or call us at (614) 305-4013.


1st Choice Fingerprinting offers a quick, easy and secure way to perform Ohio BCI background checks and National WebCheck using electronic fingerprinting.

Save time and money and get your records in 24-48 hours. It all starts by booking your appointment with us online for Ohio BCI background check and National WebCheck services.

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