Identifying the Best Fingerprinting Services Near Me- Need, Types and Regulations

Identifying the Best Fingerprinting Services Near Me- Need, Types and Regulations

A fingerprint is unique and lasting, and therefore, can provide the most reliable insight with regard to a person’s criminal history. For a long time, fingerprinting has been a dependable method of identifying individuals and collecting their background information. In fact, even though the name, address and other personal information of two or more people can be the same, and even change over time, a person’s fingerprint does not.

What is a Background Check?

Many Ohio employers in both the private and public sectors are required by law to perform background checks on new hires and persons obtaining professional licenses. Ohio background checks are done via the Attorney General’s Office of the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) by comparing the fingerprints they receive against a database of criminal fingerprints, to establish if a criminal record exists. All electronic fingerprints must be submitted to BCI through WebCheck or card scan unless you qualify for an exemption.

Do I Need the Services of Electronic Fingerprinting Services Near Me?

If you have a background screening program, the decision of whether or not to include fingerprinting services in it depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • The information that you desire
  • Any industry-specific requirements that apply to your specific organization

In some instances, federal or state requirements mandate that individuals holding certain positions must be fingerprinted. For example:

  • Truck drivers
  • Funeral directors
  • Direct support professionals
  • Positions involving working with the ill, elderly or children

Even without a legal requirement, electronic fingerprinting in your area can still be useful to your organization because it enables you to cover all the possible bases when establishing someone’s criminal history. Furthermore, it helps to deliver the most comprehensive background check.

Types of Fingerprinting

When you search for “electronic fingerprint near me”, there are two main types of fingerprinting services that will show up, and understanding each option may help you decide which method works best for you.

1. Traditional Ink Cards

Ink fingerprinting may bring back memories of TV crime dramas, but ink fingerprinting services are still offered in Ohio and all across the country. The process has stayed mostly unchanged over the years and many institutions still collect fingerprints in this manner.

The process is quite simple:

  • A person’s fingers are coated in special ink
  • Each finger is rolled over a fingerprint card to create the fingerprints
  • The card is sent for processing or addition to the relevant database

The traditional ink fingerprinting method is still functional and is being utilized in some industries. However, if you were considering this option, keep in mind that it remains a largely paper-based and manual fingerprinting process. Moreover, it takes longer to submit ink cards as well as to get the results since they must be mailed over to a fingerprinting clearinghouse, for example, the FBI for processing.

When your fingerprinting process depends on the slow mailing process, the chances of delays are very high. At 1st Choice Fingerprinting, we only offer digital fingerprinting services in Ohio. Learn how that works below.

2. Electronic Fingerprinting

Electronic or digital fingerprinting is a modern solution that adds more automation to the process of taking and submitting fingerprints. In this method, a person’s fingerprint are captured digitally and used to perform a criminal record search of a federal (FBI) or state database.

This fingerprinting process is most convenient, especially for those who are implementing fingerprinting for the first time and want an easy-to-use automated solution. It can also make sense if you wish to advance from traditional ink fingerprint processing.

Electronic fingerprinting is an effective solution that many organizations and individuals being fingerprinted find more convenient. Some of the benefits of electronic fingerprinting include:

  • Electronic fingerprinting is less susceptible to error because fingerprint images are scanned and uploaded directly to a database.
  • Since there is no ink or paper involved, it makes it less messy for individuals as well as those handling the fingerprints. It is also good for the environment.
  • Electronic fingerprinting is fast since the results can be relayed, stored and accessed digitally through a background screening portal

How does WebCheck Work?

WebCheck transfers fingerprints and other data electronically from the inquiring agency such as 1st Choice Fingerprinting* to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I). The WebCheck technology speeds up background checks by using Fingerprint Scanners as well as an Ohio Driver’s License or Ohio identification card with the magnetic strip that is integrated with the WebCheck system.

The computer then transmits all the information via the internet to the BCI&I database, which automatically compares the data received against the fingerprints and criminal histories contained in the Ohio Automated Fingerprint Identification System database.

Click this link to see a list of all the licensed WebCheck electronic fingerprint agencies near you.


1st Choice Fingerprinting offers a quick, easy and secure way to perform Ohio BCI background checks and National WebCheck using electronic fingerprinting.

Save time and money and get your records in 24-48 hours. It all starts by booking your appointment with us online for Ohio BCI background check and National WebCheck services.

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