National Webcheck Fingerprinting -1st Choice Fingerprinting Services

National Webcheck Fingerprinting -1st Choice Fingerprinting Services

What is WebCheck? WebCheck® is a system that uses the internet to transmit scanned fingerprints and other information to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) in Ohio. The data is encrypted before being transferred via a secure internet connection to a server at the BCI computer center. An employer, board or organization should receive results within 2-30 business days after making an application.

National WebCheck® utilizes the same process. The collected data is sent directly to the State of Ohio fingerprint repository AFIS for background searches and is afterwards passed through to the FBI’s IAFIS. The National WebCheck® was created as a collaborative effort between the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). WebCheck® and National WebCheck® are registered trademarks of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Why Choose 1st Choice Fingerprinting for National Webcheck?

At 1st Choice Fingerprinting*, we perform expedited Ohio BCI and FBI background checks. As an approved FBI channelling agency, we understand the importance of getting the most accurate and convenient background checks. Take a look below and see just how simple our process is and how you can get started today.

Step 1: Register online and schedule an appointment with 1st Choice Fingerprinting. You can either choose to visit our physical location or you can have your fingerprints taken at a location of your choice thanks to our mobile fingerprinting services.

Step 2: Go to 1st Choice Fingerprints Visit 1st Choice Fingerprinting to get your fingerprints taken electronically. In the case of mobile fingerprinting, our team will be at the location you requested ahead of time.

Step 3: Complete your application After your fingerprints have been captured, download our accelerated background check application and fill out all the required fields.

Step 4: Submit your application Once you have completely filled your application, you can send it to us via email or by fax. From here, we will take care of the rest, and you can expect your results in 2-3 business days. The Applicant must bring the following documentation: Valid Driver’s License Certified check or money order for the correct amount, no cash will be accepted Address to mail the background information or any other correspondence Completed application, found in Related Documents below.

FBI/BCI Reason Code Requirement

BCI and FBI WebChecks have a special reason code, which is a series of numbers and/or letters that express the reason you are being fingerprinted. Separate reason codes for the BCI and FBI are mandatory for all WebCheck fingerprinting. Please refer to the individual or organization requesting background checks to provide the specific codes that you need. Please note that police personnel will not be of assistance in getting the correct code.

Book you National WebCheck Appointment Today!

When looking for National WebCheck services in Ohio, you may find several options in your search results. However, if you want to experience the fastest, friendliest and most convenient services, then please pay us a visit at 1st Choice Fingerprinting. Our team is always ready and happy to serve you.


1st Choice Fingerprinting offers a quick, easy and secure way to perform Ohio BCI background checks and National WebCheck using electronic fingerprinting.

Save time and money and get your records in 24-48 hours. It all starts by booking your appointment with us online for Ohio BCI background check and National WebCheck services.

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