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Quality Fingerprinting services in Ohio

Founded in the year 2001, 1st Choice Fingerprinting is Ohio’s best online fingerprinting and FBI criminal background check service provider. We are associated with BCI Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and the FBI. We have decades of experience in this domain and an authorized service provider for the Ohio Attorney General and National WebCheck.

We offer FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and BCI&I (Bureau of Criminal Identification Biometric Fingerprinting) background checks.

Building Trust

At 1st Choice Fingerprinting, we provide industry-leading FBI criminal background checks and online fingerprinting services. We help you navigate uncertainty and create a safer environment for your employers, partners, and law enforcement.

Our Mission

The vision of our company is to navigate all uncertainties and make the world a better place to live.

Our Core Attributes

Security- At 1st Choice Fingerprinting we ensure the utmost levels of security and professionalism. Our employees go through several security checks during their recruitment along with background clearances ensuring that your information is secret safe with us.

Speed- Speed is important and our team is trained to ensure the paperwork. You just need to bring a photo ID that contains your date of birth and the name and address of the employer. Through our mobile fingerprinting services, we make sure that you get your fingerprinting and FBI criminal background check done in a matter of days.

Accuracy- We use the industry’s best electronic fingerprinting scanners to capture your fingerprints and access criminal records along with a comprehensive background checks. The results we provide are highly accurate.

Convenience- You can select a date and time to book an appointment with us from the comfort of your home. Just log onto our website and book your appointment now!!

Professionalism- Our team is highly trained and professional. They receive comprehensive training before they are sent for customer interactions.

How Does It Work?

Most Employers need a comprehensive background check for the employee to eliminate any instances of criminal records. We capture your fingerprint and send it to the state of Ohio and the FBI for a comprehensive background check.

We receive a report after approximately 1- 30 days and then it is submitted to the employer.

Why do you need Fingerprinting?

You need to bring a photo ID that has your name and date of birth on it. Along with that, we need the current name and address of the employer to whom the results shall be sent. In case you need a fingerprint on a card, the agency or business requiring your fingerprints should provide the card.

How much does Fingerprinting cost?

We charge $30 for electronic fingerprint transmission to the State Of Ohio and $30 for fingerprint transmission to the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation). If you need a comprehensive background check from both the State of Ohio and the FBI, we charge an amount of $60 per person.

We accept all cash, credit cards, PayPal, and money orders.