Who We Are

1st Choice Fingerprinting is a fingerprint and background check service provider in Reynoldsburg Ohio. We are an authorized vendor for the Ohio Attorney General obtained through the National WebCheck. We provide background and criminal history checks from both the FBI and BCI&I (Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation Biometric Fingerprinting).

Wondering why you need Fingerprinting? There are several instances where fingerprinting and background checks are necessary by law.

For the Employer- In the USA, FBI is authorized for fingerprint and background checks. They are required for employment in organizations spread across multiple industries. These checks match an individual to the criminal history records maintained by the FBI database.

Immigration Needs- Often for immigration a fingerprinting and background check is necessary that scrolls through your criminal history if any.

Fingerprinting On Cards- Employers can ask the employee for scanned fingerprints on cards that the employer gets verified. In such instances, you need to show identity proof with your birth date and name along with a fingerprinting card provided to you by the Employer.

What services do we provide?

National web check and FBI- We send your fingerprints to the FBI and BCI Reynoldsburg, Ohio for the most accurate background checks. This can be done by inkless digital transfer to the BCI&I or other agencies for employment and immigration clearances. For the FBI security check, we need to send a “Standard FBI FD- 258 fingerprint card” that is used by the FBI and Bureau of US citizenship and immigration services along with multiple police agencies for non-criminal background checks and approval.

Why should I choose 1st Choice Fingerprinting?

You Can Count On US – At 1st Choice digital fingerprinting services in Columbus Ohio, we provide the most reliable and trusted background checks in a matter of days. Visit us with a photo ID and the details of your employer and we will send the report directly to them, in a matter of days.

Accurate Fingerprints – With the best in class technology we provide extremely accurate results to our clients. We have a digital fingerprinting scanner that automatically captures the most accurate fingerprints and sends them to the FBI or BCI&I for comprehensive background checks.

Competitive Pricing – We offer the best services for the lowest pricing in Ohio state. Our trained staff and effective use of technology allow us to keep our prices competitive. Moreover, we offer special group packages for employees or employers who visit us in a group of 4 or more and in case of a mass placement in an organization.